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Municipal Planning


K Smart Associates offers its clients a wide range of professional consulting municipal planning services from its offices in the Kitchener-Waterloo and Chatham areas of southern Ontario (Canada), and in northern Ontario (Canada) from its offices in Englehart and Sudbury. That is, we can offer professional planning opinions to you, municipal decision makers and (should it become necessary) as evidence at the Ontario Municipal Board.

Those services can be broadly categorized as approvals for new land development ranging from a new shopping centre or business park to a residential home expansion, policy initiative and planning trend analysis, and monitoring other land developments in your neighbourhood that might impact you.

Of course, K Smart Associates also works together in teams that include other internal or external consulting experts (e.g., solicitors, architects, engineers, etc.) to make your project a success. To learn more about how we can help you through our land use planning services, please e-mail the planners at K Smart Associates!


Land Use Planning Approvals

Whether your land development project is small or large, K Smart Associates' experts in land use planning can obtain the planning approvals you need.

Understanding the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13 (the "Act") and its associated regulations for the purpose of devising strategy, notices, etc.

  • Evaluations of how the relevant Provincial Policy Statement (the "PPS") affects your plans.
  • Official plan (e.g., Waterloo Region's Official Policies Plan, City of Kitchener Municipal Plan), amendments.
  • Zoning by-law (e.g., City of Waterloo zoning By-laws 878A, 1108 & 1418) amendments.
  • Creation of new lots by either consent or subdivision processes under the Act.
  • Negotiating site plans under the Act.
  • Obtaining minor variances to zoning by-laws under the Act.
  • Making presentations at municipal public meetings on behalf of clients.
  • Holding public meetings for clients.
  • Representing clients as an expert witness before the Ontario Municipal Board.

Get more information about how K Smart Associates' planning experts can assist you by consulting us!


Planning Trends & Policy Initiatives

Land use planning is not static. Changes in social conditions lead to eventual changes in planning approaches and ultimately to policies at all government levels (e.g., in Canada, provincial, regional, and local). K Smart Associates can help you to identify how these changes affect your operations, development proposals, or lifestyle.

  • Keeping you up-to-date on initiatives to amend the Planning Act and its regulations.
  • Reporting to you on how or when the PPS is changing or likely to change.
  • Tracking and reporting on evolving initiatives of the Province (e.g., Ontario Municipal Board / Planning Reform, Places to Grow, Greenbelt Protection, Watershed-Based Source Protection Planning), region (e.g., Waterloo Region Greenlands Strategy), or city or neighbourhood in which you have an interest.
  • Representing you during municipal reviews and updates of their official plans and zoning by-laws (e.g., Waterloo Region, City of Waterloo).
  • Completing written submissions and presentations on behalf of clients when opportunity is provided by the appropriate government or agency.
  • Representing clients as an expert witness before the Ontario Municipal Board.
  • Providing Land Use Planning services to municipal governments

Monitoring Development Approvals

If you want to know more about a development proposal down the street, we can help you to learn about how it may impact you. Also, we can represent you as the approval authorities consider it so as to ensure that only appropriate development proceeds and any negative impacts are mitigated.



K Smart Associates' experts are experienced land use planners. Please don't hesitate to e-mail us now with your questions. We'll let you know how we can make your plans a reality.